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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Homeward Bound: Slouching Toward a Long, Hot Summer

Just arrived in Honolulu, finishing the first leg of the long slog home. I went to the President's Club at the airport and had a glass of wine after an the easy seven hour leg from Guam. Now I'm in Sting Ray's Bar and Grill, my favorite airport watering hole. I'll have to admit to upgradng to Business class--such an unforgivable luxury--and only cost me 12,500 miles.

Called Terry immediately and found out we have sold the condo in North Myrtle Beach so we can now move along and concentrate on the house in Onancock, Virginia. There will be a wedding there this summer (daughter, Jenn's) and a nice gathering to bring the house into the family. The house is a stone's throw, literally, from an arm of the Chesapeake Bay in a sleepy little town--perfect.

Now the first piece in the retirement plan has fallen into place and the next will be Terry getting offered VERA (early retirement). Then we will sail the boat back to the Chesapeake the long way, via Papua New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, the Red Sea, the Med, and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. We plan on a couple of years, at least, and then settling into Onancock to write. I should be fairly fine to spend the declining years writing and sailing on the Chesapeake.

Okay, let'go, Sailor@60. Pay your bar bill, leave a tip for the nice bartender, grab your bags (don't forget the computer--it's on the floor next to the stool) and it's onto the next flight--five hours to L.A., a three-hour layover, and then four hours to Washington, D.C. I dread it. The last flight in a twenty-four hour trip is always hell.

4 June 07

Now in Herndon, VA staying with Terry's sister and brother-in-law and waiting to see the cardiologist for a small heart thing. My appointment is Wednesday and I'm looking forward to getting this over with so we can move on to the rest of the summer. Plan on re-writing Book III of the Eye of the Stallion trilogy in the next two months. A Drop of Wizard's Blood is pretty complex and on the verge of getting away from me--so much going on, so may time warps. I need to get back into it and develop Dag-gar and Sonoria's characters/relationship and get Scraps so he's consistent throughout the book. But, all in all, I'm not unhappy with the way it turned out. I had some fun with Time and the Time Vagabond--Captain Sorrow, the dark energy of the novel. I like him as a character and will see if I can develop him even further. Need also to get Astral the Ancient Boy and Scraps' relationship up and running a little more. There is a good chance for some comic relief here.

Now that I'm over jetlag, or nearly so, I'm ready to get going again. The long, hot summer begins in earnest on Friday when Terry flys in and I'm wallowing happily in the anticipation of it.
By the way, the photo above was taken a year or so ago. We were sailing in the western Pacific somewhere, though I can't remember where. I just put it in because it looks so nice--the boat, the water, the whole idea of it, the idea of just sailing.

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