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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Manipulating the American Mind: Watching the Campaign Unfold

It's wonderful to witness this, the beginning of last few months before the great American presidential election of 2008. We are, apparently, a nation of morons who can be counted on to change our political affiliations based on the day a vice-presidential running mate is announced (announce it too soon and I'll vote this way, announce it too late and I'll vote the other way). Or if Barack Obama's mother was too young when she gave birth to him, I can be counted on to vote for the other guy.

And take the "Dr." I heard interviewed on the news the other day. She was terminally bitter about how her candidate, Hillary, had been treated (she lost), and so was going to vote for McCain and Company despite disagreeing with everything he stands for. I wonder what kind of doctor she is. One would assume she bought her degree on the Internet.

And how about all the trash being put out on the blogosphere about Mr. Obama. The hope is that the All-American Moron won't be able to see clearly through the mud smeared across the windshields of our minds and won't bother to question the motivations and characters of those who do the smearing.

We need to think, people. Stop and ask yourself the real question here. It's not "is Obama a Muslim?" It's what are the motivations of the people who want us to believe he is. And if you won't vote for him simply because he is "black," then read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. You'll find that it is your patriotism that is in question, not his.


  1. I agree with what is said in this entry. The average American is too easily manipulated by the media. It all depends on what version of the news they listen to as well. Has politics turned into a Hollywood reality show where people are supposed to vote each week to see who is coming closer to getting "voted off"? Polls are taken all the time to see who is ahead this week and then America tends to lean that way until the next week's poll that shows everything pointing in the different direction.

    If people could learn to stick to their guns, or at least have a gun with which to stick in the first place, we wouldn't need all this "hate" campaigning. It's getting to the point where I don't even like to watch the news because of the smearing and biased reporting that goes on. I try to get my information from three or four different sources and then extrapolate the "truth" from that. It's a necessary chore I am happy to complete in order to avoid falling into the media trap.

    What this entry suggests is that the "All-American Moron" is acting like the "All-American Teenager" changing friends every week or so just to stay popular. I've always thought politics was just a game with adult children arguing and pouting and calling each other names. Now I'm beginning to believe that some Americans are feeding into it and egging them on.