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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Summer Saturday: Twisted Truth on the Internet (so what's new?), A Great New Restaurant, "You're-a-Socialist" Fever (Replacing Swine Flu?), Etc.

Seawind "on the hard" at Hancocks Marina, Greenwich, NJ. After sailing her down from Long Island, we hauled her out here to have some work done. Bro John and I will go back up and finish the trip to the Chesapeake in a couple of weeks. Watch this space.

Here we are, another hot summer night on the Eastern Shore, watching the Red Sox on my fat, flat screen TV:

Bottom of the 1st, Becket pitching, the new guy, Martinez at first base, Varitek, contrary to rumors, still behind the plate. Score: 1 to zip, for us on a

Planning the finish of the process of sailing Seawind, our Alberg 30, home from Long Island. As you recall, it took us three weeks to get her as far as the upper Delaware Bay (if you're interested in some sailing pix/lies, see archives of this blog). We had nasty weather and fog all they way down the east coast.

Today, Terry and I we went to Crisfield, a small town on the Chesapeake Bay north of us. The idea was to scout the harbor out, as the way I figure the voyage, we'll be stopping there on the way down. Had never been there before and were happy to find it a fine place with a good, safe harbor, a clean, active marina with plenty of empty slips for transient yachts.

Ortiz is up. Damn, almost a home run. Missed the sweet spot. Bay up now, Youk on 1st on a single.

When we got there to Crisfield, we were hungry. Lots of choices--seafood prevailing, and picked the Watermen's Inn, on West Main St. Brian Julian and Kathy Berezoski, who have had much formal training, put out some wonderful food. From excellent lobster-corn pancakes to a lush, perfectly presented and seasoned swordfish kabob with wild rice, we enjoyed it all. Our young waitress, Jordan, was just what we needed to get that welcome, glad-we-stopped-here feeling. Thanks. Terry's been pretty stressed out by her job and this is what we wanted for a quick, relaxing getta way.

And now for a lousy segue from the restaurant review to one of my other great loves--politics: A small observation (rant? no, no, no) about some of our right-wing senior citizens who live on Social Security and get their health care via Medicare/Medicaid but who are determined to believe that all government social/health programs are evil, socialist/communistic hackings at our true-American-capitalist-free-enterprise, core-value system: Your lives depend upon those "evil, socialist/communist government programs." I don't get it. Hello? Anybody in there? Actually, I do get it. These right-wing seniors watch Glenn Beck, Fox News crackpot who has an extensive background in economic theory and Constitutional law (joke).

Still 1 to zip. Bay still up (I'm a fast typist)--walked him. Veritek up.

I'm thinking of doing something with my retirement. I'm lovin' this part of my life and why not share it? Working title: Killing Time Until Time Kills Me: Running Hard To The Very End.

Actually, Dad is 90 and Mom 88. My final years, with any luck at all, will be extended to a full 1/3rd of my life.

Bottom of the 8th, Beckett pitched a no-hitter, 4-zip, Sox. Ya' gotta love it. Okajima coming in to pitch now. I'll predict a Boston victory----yep, 4-0. Goodnight.

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  1. glad to see some pics again; don't care for politics or baseball; catch you later when the boat hits water again!