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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Distractions of Goofy News and Anticipating Good Times with Old Friends

We're packing up in preparation for a two-week visit to Tokyo and Guam--both pleasure and business. Here a picture of some of us with some of our great old friends on Guam. As I recall, it was a typical Friday night and we were unwinding at our favorite pub in Hagatna. To squeeze us all in the picture, the waiter had to stand on the bar (sounds like the beginning of a joke). On Wednesday, we'll fly from Norfolk to Newark, where we'll get on a 777 and wallow in the delights of Business Class for the next 11 hours to Tokyo's Narita airport. Such a way to make a living.
I've been collecting headlines. I open up this computer every morning, and settle in to write and instead of getting down to it, I surrender to the siren call of Yahoo news.

Man wants his kidney back after filing for a divorce

Like, he's divorcing her and as part of the settlement, he wants the organ returned--or the monetary equivalent: $1.5 million. News for him: you can buy fresh kidney at the butchers for 80 cents a pound (actually, I don't know how much it costs). And this guy is surgeon (I wrote sturgeon first).

Scientists learn that mosquito's wings beat in synchrony (I wrote synchorny first--love that Freudian slip of the fingers) when they are getting ready to mate.

This titillating bit of mosquito-soap-opera science should be gratifying to the millions of people who will die of malaria this year. At least the little killers do something a little romantic before they inject the micro-assassins into our bodies.

Sasha Obama will have steak au jus on her school lunch menu on her first day.

We are jumping on the new administration in fine style, here, folks. Start with the young and the weak and work your way up. And people got paid big bucks for digging up/reporting that bit of dietary news.

But I inevitably do get down to it--to the business of writing a book. I back out of Yahoo, shut down the Internet connection, and open up the file that says: The Spirit of the Voyage. And its going well, I think. The boys are having a fine adventure escaping the soldiers invading their island in the Pacific. I lived that life for eleven years, living and sailing in the tropical Pacific, and it's very much fun for me to relive those years in my imagination as I write.
One final headline I just couldn't resist:

Scientists find that head banging is bad for you health.

This had something to do with rock concerts. I must be missing something.


  1. had a great discussion with friends concerning organ transplants (should or shouldn't)and then this shows up in the news. I'd say the "shouldn'ts" win this round!

  2. Now there's a thought. He would kill he woman he loves out of spite/jealousy. Ah, by what name is this love known?