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Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Like a Lion, Vertigio, Home Alone, An Eye for An Eye

Help. I'm falling. Or the snow is. Or it's supposed to. Big storm coming up the East Coast. Even Alabama and Atlanta are involved. Can the Eastern Shore expect any less? Talk about vertigo. The storm is spinning and spinning. Boston in for 15 inches. I loved that city. Once, when I was a college boy. But, it's too cold, too much snow, and way too expensive.

I'm home alone for a week writing, walking, reading and watching tv. I watched Vertigo and now, Analyse This--you know, the one with Billy Crystal and DeNiro, and I feel like writing like a mobster. Like all the pretty women in Long Island talk. The prettiest, most innocent prom queen sounds like a mobster up there. As for the Vertigo angle, it was a good movie--except did Mr. Stewart, pictured above, really just suspect the Kim Novak was not Kim Novak after Kim Novak got murdered? And did Kim Novak really think Mr. Steward didn't recognize her because her hair was a different color? And, did they fall desperately in love with each other in one day? Just wondering.

Last Friday night, for some reason, my right eye went bad on me. It's called Central Serous Chorioretinopathy. Fluid leaks in under the retina, detaches it, and leaves a big brown spot in the middle of your field of vision. Left eye is fine, but it's strange trying to read this way. The docs said it maybe caused by stress. Terry told them I was retired, that I lie around all day, and asked them if I should maybe take more naps. I suggested that I take just longer naps. In any event, I call my left eye Mr. Liberal. It thinks it can see things as they really are. I call my right eye Mr. Hannity, who sees the world through a brown smear. Talk about vertigo. The poor Republicans. The best they can do is Rush Limbaugh? Things have spiraled out of control for the Grand Old (Pity) Party.

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