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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today: GOP Held Hostage, Medical Tests are Cool, Spring is Coming On Hard

Can you put the puzzle together to compile an image of Barack's best friend? Best friend, you ask? Well, sure. Say, a Democrat President would like to hold the opposition party hostage and essentially eviscerate it as a viable force, who better to do it than this guy. He gets richer and richer while GOP stalwarts grovel on their knees begging forgiveness for daring to question his way- outta-line, over-the-top extremist "leadership." It's been a wonderful circus to watch. I've loved it, this guy is having a ball, and Mr. Obama cannot be displeased.

Speaking of wonderful, I've been undergoing medical tests and I'm awed by the technical wizardry that medical specialists have at their disposal. Last week they examined my eyes--inside my eyes, sideways--taking pictures of my poor detached retina. The result was a cross section view that showed the fluid that had leaked in and pushed the retina away from the eye wall. No wonder I don't see well out of that eye. It's called Central Serous Chorioretinopathy--or something like that. They said it should eventually clear up by itself. Meanwhile, I got a big, blurry, brown smear across the field of vision of my right eye.

And as if a detached retina was not enough, today I went and had a CT scan of my abdomen. They had me drink a chalky-milkshake concoction, wait a half an hour, and then lie down on a movable table. While they pumped an iodine dye into my blood ("It will make you feel warm, Mr. Arvidson." It did--a nice rush.) the table moved me back and forth through a big doughnut-shaped contraption that had things rushing around inside it, around my body. It's supposed to take vertical, slice-by-slice X-rays of my innards and let us know what's been making my life so uncomfortable and kept me housebound for the past couple of months. I hope that clears up by itself, too. Soon. Now.

Last: This is Virginia, after all, and it's now March. What's with the cold weather? Been in the low 20's with snow this week. The robins and daffodils camped in my yard are questioning all the blather about global warming. But we're promised relief soon--in the next 24 hours, apparently, spring will spring.

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  1. Hey Dad,
    I love your blog. It's almost like I can hear you talking. Glad to see you're working on the intestinal issue. Can't wait to see how that works out for you.

    Have you heard anything about the first meeting between President Obama and the Prime Minister of England? Apparently there was some sort of gift exchange. I can't tell, through the biased media, exactly what the reactions were, but see what you can discover and let me know. You might get something to write out of it.

    BTW, I just started reading "Spirit of the Voyage" to my students and they LOVE it. They didn't want me to stop when morning announcements came on. The boy has just heard the voice and came out from hiding within the roots of the banyan/nunu tree. The kids can't wait to find out what's next!

    Have a great weekend. I'm going to go pick up Little-Man, go home, and relax a little bit. It's been quite a week.